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social engineering

Social Engineering is the method of manipulating people into subverting security procedures or divulging confidential information.

Everyone is in danger from social engineering attacks. From the cleaner to the CEO everybody has a role to play in protecting their work environment from attack.This introductory course covers a definition of cybersecurity and gives details on how we can manage and protect our assets.It details the recent security history of airports and how events such as 9/11 have impacted upon working practices.

It then examines what type of attacks airports can expect to face. It also looks at why people attack computer networks and what gain is there and who is doing this? It gives details about the profile of attackers, and their motives.

Finally it gives advice on how can we protect ourselves and our systems from abuse and attack and guidance for those wishing to create a healthy cyber environment within the workplace. It details a range of common sense practices that are easy to adopt but effective in combatting social engineers.

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